From the Founder’s

Our mission is to make food lovers indulge in a feasting experience by serving them a wide variety of pure vegetarian Indian delicacies that are chef crafted and served with hospitality standards of the royalty at an unbelievably affordable price which creates a unique lasting experience and blissful happiness among diners.

We make food lovers indulge in celebrating pure vegetarian Indian cuisine with authentic delicacies from various regions across India. The kind of diners who love our food are the ones who do not compromise on quality, variety, service and hygiene and who truly understand and appreciate food that is a class apart.
Our 7 course meal experience is an unlimited treat to your senses right from the presentation to the fragrance and to your taste buds. Unlike, other vegetarian restaurants, we offer a unique dining experience with cuisine that is authentic, traditional and nutritious; service standards that is filled with courtesy, personalized and well-timed care; and price that gives high value to the diners and an overall experience that provides utmost blissful happiness to their mind, body and soul.

- Jagmohan Bhutada & Seema Bhutada


Samaroh is a flagship Indian fine dining restaurant, a venture of Rajdarbar Gourmets and Hospitality Pvt. Ltd founded by Mr. Jagmohan Bhutada and his wife Mrs. Seema Bhutada. ‘Samaroh’, a name that has connotations of ‘a ceremony’, ‘a celebration’ and ‘a feast’. And it is just that! As you enter the place you are greeted with a ceremonial Namaste. The interiors are decorated with pink and yellow interiors. The tables are laid out with Kansa cutlery – the usage of which is a long forgotten tradition.

More than just offering an Indian restaurant for fine dining or with a buffet spread, the culinary artisans behind Samaroh decided to go that extra mile. Searching for the secret recipes in the legendary cuisines across India, we collected the best of them all, across the sub-continent. And, then, we made history come alive.

Visitors here can feast on an array of excellent Indian vegetarian delicacies. Samaroh’s signature experience— an unlimited 7-course Indian meal is a mouthwatering journey through India’s gastronomic heritage. It’s an amazing melange of hot, spicy, cool, sweet and sour tastes – a lasting affair!

There’s more. Samaroh has left nothing untried to create the right mix of quality, service and ambience as a uniquely designed Indian ethnic eatery. Going green and ‘Bio’ is a natural part of the work culture at this 100% vegetarian restaurant.

Flavourful dishes that span the full spectrum from traditional to adventurous, while still being healthy have been crafted by seasoned chefs. The meals and dishes are made with authentic ingredients and prepared in a choice of clay, brass, copper and stone vessels to deliver that original taste and flavour. The menu also changes each day, so it’s always a bit of a surprise.

Come visit Samaroh for authentic Indian vegetarian delicacies, beautifully crafted interiors, soft music and royal hospitality! Your experience here is sure to be unforgettable!