How food is a major part of every celebration in India


Food has always been an integral part of celebrations around India and we are one of the few countries that can boast of people from various backgrounds coming together. There are mouthwatering dishes that are served during functions and ceremonies like weddings. If watched closely, there are certain reasons for which food takes a stand-in … Continue reading “How food is a major part of every celebration in India”

7 Foods That Are a Must Have in Winters

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Winter is a great time to enjoy cozy woolens and the chill in the air. Just like fashion trends come and go, it’s the same for food, especially during winter. There are foods that carry the essence of winter winds and fuel the body and are filled with benefits. Some of the most popular dishes … Continue reading “7 Foods That Are a Must Have in Winters”

Food Traditions, customs and culture of India


Have you ever wondered how the food traditions of our vast country have become a symbol of the varied cultures? The traditions that people in India follow, when it comes to food shows the actual culture of that region. There are some common traditions around different parts of India, some of which are actually good … Continue reading “Food Traditions, customs and culture of India”

9 Diwali dishes popular across India

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Festivals bring people together and a major festival like Diwali brings families together all across the country. What is the one other thing that brings people together on festivals? Food! In every part of the country, there are specific dishes that are cooked to celebrate the festival of lights. Mithai and dry fruits aside the … Continue reading “9 Diwali dishes popular across India”

History of Indian vegetarian cuisine


Diverse, steeped in tradition and greatly influenced by tradition, the traditional Indian cuisine has been around for many, many years. Gourmet Indian food is associated with the food cooked in the courts of the Indian royalty. The cooking techniques are elaborate and include the use of rich ingredients. Over time, Indian food has been influenced … Continue reading “History of Indian vegetarian cuisine”

10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Vegetarian Food


The days where vegetarians were served leaves and salads are long gone. With the kind of variety available in the market today, following a vegetarian diet is extremely easy, not to mention healthy. Especially in a country like India, where so many delightful vegetarian options are available on a daily basis. Many restaurants are pure … Continue reading “10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Vegetarian Food”